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  • MySQL Backup  v.4.4.8MySQL Backup is a professional backup and restore application for MySQL. You can back up local or remote MySQL Server's databases to your local hard disk or network shared folder easily and quickly.
  • Ariejan's MySQL Backup Tool  v.1.0Ariejan's MySQL Backup Tool allows you to create regular backups of your MySQL Database without any interaction.
  • MySQL Backup Pro  v.0.01MySQL Backup Pro provides backup and restore services for MySQL databases.
  • MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins  v.0.7MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins (mysqlblasy) is a Perl script for automating MySQL database backups.
  • MySQL Backup FTP  v.1.4.10MySQLBackupFTP connects to MySQL through TCP/IP, SSH or phpMyAdmin, runs scheduled backups, zips and encrypts the backups, stores them on a network or on a FTP server, removes old backups, sends an e-mail confirmation on job's success or failur ...
  • Cron MySQL Backup  v.1.4Program can be run as a cron-job. In case of succes the backup will be emailed to you.(as a gz zipped file) In case of failure an error message will be mailed. Includes restore program. Some small changes to increase speed and add new field/index ...
  • MySQL Backup to Another MySQL Database Software  v.7.0Backup data from one MySQL database to another. Login information for databases is required.
  • MySQL Backup & Restore Databases Software  v.7.0Backup and recover your MySQL databases. Backups can be set up to occur automatically every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. This application is standalone and data can be backed up without mysqldump, myphpadmin or any other tool. This application ...
  • Mysql Backup Script  v.bBash shell script that uses mySQL 6.0 online backup feature to perform hot (online) backups. Includes a number of interesting options. It's also compatible with older versions of ...
  • Shadow mysql backup perl script  v.1.0Mysql_backup is my first project. It can make backup copy of your all databases, any DB in its own sql file. It can send mail notification and delete all old backup files in regular time.
  • Simply Mysql backup script  v.1.0A plain solution MySQL onto the regular rescue of databases happening separately or simultaneously. Is able to check that he was successful this the rescue, sends an e-mail concerned if necessary.
  • Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL  v.5.5MySQL Backup Software GUI to automatically back up and restore MySQL databases. SQL, ZIP, FTP, Gmail, Full / Incremental Backup, Command Line, Windows Service. Unlimited number of MySQL databases and servers.
  • Backup MySQL to FTP  v.4.1Backup MySQL to FTP is a powerful Windows module works for MySQL Backup Solution. It can be used to automatically make backups from the local and remote MySQL databases daily and upload the backups to the FTP server.
  • SiteVault - Website Backup Software  v.2SiteVault is a comprehensive Web Site Backup program, MySQL backup, FTP backup, MySQL database Import and Export application.
  • SiteVault - FTP Backup Software  v.3SiteVault functions as an FTP files and MySql backup program that will allow you to browse your backups and restore them with ease. It will be an excellent FTP program that will allow you to maintain as many connections as you wish, copy between FTP ...
  • SiteVault - Web Site Backup FTP + MySQL  v.2SiteVault is a comprehensive Web Site Backup program, MySQL backup, FTP backup, MySQL database Import and Export application.
  • Another MySQL incremental backup  v.1.0Since none of the MySQL backup scripts i could find satisfied my needs, I created this one. It does full backups remotelly or incrementals locally. Read comments on the code to configure it.
  • MySQL Dump Timer  v.1.2.4MySQL Backup / MySQL Dump and MySQL Restore scheduler (Windows based) for MySQL databases. The MySQL Dump Timer offers access to every MySQL database. Even if the MySQL database is hosted behind a firewall the MySQL Dump Timer has access to the DB.
  • Pure PHP Database Backup for Zen-cart  v.1.0.0This is an pure PHP based Database(MySQL) backup module for zen-cart, a popular e-commerce ...
  • SiteVault Pro  v.4.1SiteVault Pro is a professional backup software utility for your site. The new version 4.1 brings all key features for managing your sites on a single application; backs-up files and databases together in an incremental and easy to restore package ...
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